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Happy June my friends, I hope you all have an exciting summer planned! If not, please come to my About Me page where you will see I want to help your inner rose blossom this month. If you have been saving up a wish omen for a special occasion, or are simply waiting for that perfect cosmic time to send your dream out into the universe, I am going to help you this month by celebrating Rose Month all month long all over my blogs and social media platform. Head on over to my About Me page for more details, but you can also find the news on my Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Twitter page, and Google+ page. It’s an exciting month ahead! And so today here I am going to help you launch all of those wishes you want to come true this rose month by discussing the importance of the wish and dream journal. So let’s get to it! View full article »


Hello friends, I hope that you have been enjoying our blog discussion series! Today we are going to talk about one way of tapping into your inner psychic that will help you pull all of these blog series together. If you enjoyed the chakra series or crystals series through my About Me page or Pinterest pages, then you will really enjoy today’s blog. But you will, even if you didn’t, if you have an interest in finding a way to connect with your guides and angels, and your own higher self. Today we are going to talk about how to do protection rituals. So let’s get to it! View full article »


Happy Full Moon day friends, I hope you have an exciting day planned. If you have been following my Tumblr blog then you have read how to handle this Full Moon in Sagittarius, along with the Lunar Eclipse that we have in conjunction with this Moon. Today’s Moon is one that has the potential to truly energize the psychic energy, so you want to use this to your fullest potential. The best part is that you will also be able to do so all through the weekend, as this energy is not going to subside for at least 48 hours after this evening. Be sure you are following my About Me page and my Pinterest boards as well over the weekend as I will be posting Full Moon love spells as well that you can use all weekend long. You don’t want to miss it! But what specifically is the Full Moon in Sagittarius about, and how can we use these qualities to our fullest advantage this weekend? Let’s get to it. View full article »


Hello friends, I hope that you all have been enjoying the lucky Jupiter series. Have you found out where Jupiter is in your own chart yet? Knowing where Jupiter falls in your birth or natal chart, and also in your solar return chart will help you to discover where your lucky areas in life are. In your solar return your Jupiter placement will probably be different than in your birth chart, but will highlight your lucky areas of life this year alone. It’s always exciting to know where our luck in life will fall. Today we are going to wrap up the Jupiter series by looking at Jupiter in the tenth house, Jupiter in the eleventh house, and Jupiter in the twelfth house. What does it mean if Jupiter is found here? Well, let’s find out. View full article »

jupiter in the seventh house

Hello friends, I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Jupiter as much as I have! Always remember friends that if you ever have any questions about the Jupiter placement in your chart you can always touch base with me directly via Facebook or Twitter. Jupiter is our planet of luck and I want to make sure you know exactly what to do with the knowledge of your Jupiter placement. Today we look at Jupiter in the 7th house, Jupiter in the 8th house, and Jupiter in the 9th house. What does it mean if this is where Jupiter appears in your chart? Well let’s find out! View full article »


I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Jupiter through the houses. This is a very exciting part of your astrological profile, and one of the most exciting ones as well! Jupiter is the large planet, the planet of optimism and joy, the all benevolent one, and the one that brings you all of the luck in the world. This is why knowing where Jupiter is in your chart can tell you where your most optimistic, joyous, and luck in the world will fall in your life. What house does Jupiter fall in on your chart? Have a look at your birth chart or your solar return chart and find out the location of your Jupiter this year, and through your life. Then come back to this blog discussion series, and find out what it means! Today we are going to look at what it means with Jupiter in the fourth house, Jupiter in the fifth house, and Jupiter in the sixth house. View full article »

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